Terms and Conditions

Analyzed company - the company, the range of which is taken as a base when building reports. All other parameters (ratings, price deviations, etc.) are calculated relative to it.

DATABASE "wholesale pharmaceutical market" - contains wholesale offers pharmaceutical market actors (producers and distributors), given to a single directory and a common basis of prices is a result of the wholesale price monitoring of the pharmaceutical market.

SAMPLE - a subset of the database "wholesale pharmaceutical market", which includes only the necessary items for analysis. As a rule - this intersection positions DB "wholesale pharmaceutical market" with an assortment of the analyzed company

SFS (finished drugs) - the general name for a separate heading. Includes trade name (CN), a form of release, dosage and packaging

GROUP NAME - analogue INN for goods, not a drug. Used to group the various brands in the analysis of competition.

DISTRIBUTOR - company engaged in wholesale purchase of certain goods in large industrial manufacturers and cbyt products in regional markets

Competitors - in the context of this document, all competitors are companies that produce products similar products analyzed company, including the active substance (INN), trade name (CN), a form of release, dosage and packaging

INN (International Nonproprietary Names) - usually is the chemical name of the active ingredient of the drug. The drugs with the same INN may have different trade names. In the context of this document, the INN is used to analyze competition between different brands. For products that do not have the INN (Supplements, cosmetics, medical devices, etc.) used in this document "Group Name"

Monitoring - in the broadest sense - specially organized, systematic surveillance of objects, phenomena and processes for assessment, control or prediction. In the context of this document means the monitoring of the wholesale prices of the pharmaceutical market in order to analyze the state of the market, its trends.

Normalized price - the price, reduced to a single database. When calculating the reports all prices are normalized to the single currency, including VAT, the appropriate product group

WHOLESALE PRICES Prepaid - wholesale prices on party prepaid without discounts. This version is the base price for the public price lists of most pharmaceutical companies

CROSSING - a set consisting of all elements that belong simultaneously to all the data sets. In the context of this document, use the intersection with the range of the analyzed company - all positions database "wholesale pharmaceutical market," coincides with the position specified range level (HS or INN) + + release dosage form of + packaging.

Potential possibilities of sales (PPS) - measure of the possible share of sales of the product in relation to other goods belonging to the given sample. PVOP is a relative measure, that is, it makes sense not its absolute value and relevance to PVOP other positions in the sample

Rating - concept characterizing the relative importance of the place, the weight, the position of the object compared to other objects of this type. In the context of this document means the relative importance of the rated value, among others.