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Database "wholesale pharmaceutical market" is the result of the monitoring of wholesale price lists of manufacturers and distributors of products of drugstore and hospital assortment.

All price lists are given to a single directory, which greatly facilitates the analysis of the wholesale market of pharmaceutical and medical goods.

Access to the database is available via a web interface on an online pharmacy. In addition, twice a month, form a unique analytical reports "Review of competition and distribution," the assortment of manufactured products by the customer.

In December 2014 online pharmacy ordered processing and statistics analysis of user behavior on the site over the past two years. The studies delineated a relatively large group of users who are monitoring has consistently enough permanent list of products. Further analysis showed that mostly the representatives of industrial companies and interest them in the first place own range of products and competitors.

Put yourself in the place of these users, we realized fairly simple fact that a huge volume of database "wholesale pharmaceutical market" (which, incidentally, we deservedly proud) is a disadvantage for them rather than an advantage. Indeed, hundreds of thousands of items to stir when you are interested in several hundred - is tedious and monotonous work, not pleasurable, but you need to make to move on.

Secondly, it became clear that the work of the sample desired position - it is not really the most difficult part in preparing the data for analysis. Considerably more time it takes the grouping of the data according to various criteria.

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