List of products

This table shows the complete product range of the analyzed company, including the rating of individual items.

For each of the analyzed position range shown: Product name, release form, dosage, packaging:

The number of manufacturers competing for the entire sample as a whole
Total number of proposals for this position in the full sample. Taking into account all the proposals of the product (as the production of the analyzed company and production competitors)
Number of distributors offering this product
The weighted average price for this product in the entire sample
Number of items in the sample with the proposals of the analyzed company products
Number of suppliers offering goods production companies analyzed in their price lists
The weighted average price for the products of the production of the analyzed company
Product rating. The methodology for calculating the rating given in the Appendix

Rating indicates the relative importance of each position in the product range. At the beginning of the rating are positions that are most relevant advancement in terms of increasing the company's total sales.

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