Online Pharmacy

Group of companies "Online pharmacy" works in the pharmaceutical market for 15 years. The company specializes in the wholesale and retail sale of pharmaceutical products. The main function of our business is to provide the population with high-quality drugs and medical products. Direction is represented by a distribution warehouse in many US cities.

Drugs sold to regional distributors, drugstore chains, health care institutions, by state and municipal contracts. Division of exports contracted supplies and pharmaceutical retailers and drugstore chains.

Currently, negotiations are underway to sign contracts in 2015 with companies operating in other countries.
Customer relationships are based on long-term contracts and partnerships. Each client - a special partner!
The result of a professional approach to work, responsibility and dedication to the partners become excellent financial performance of our company. Over the past 12 months, we were able to significantly strengthen its position and increase sales.

Lower drug prices, backed by an assortment - this is our motto. In our pharmacies different groups of goods in tonnes. H. Medicines and cosmeceuticals, natural products for skin care of children and infants. Medicines regardless of their source of income subjected to the receiving control, it is held to prevent the inflow of substandard medicines in the pharmacy. The receiver performs control officer as a specialist in quality (legally responsible), so he tracks the availability of quality certificates of the manufacturer and other documents confirming the quality of medicines.

Buy wholesale medicine can be anywhere in the world. Purchase of medicines through the online store will help you save. They provide access to pharmacies licensed. Here you can find the best medicines. Privacy, low cost, fast free shipping - all cause people prefer to order pills online pharmacies. You do not have to wait in queues street pharmacy. Huge stock gives the opportunity to order products in bulk.

Purchase of medicines online pharmacy is a simple procedure. Checkout you can without leaving the comfort of home, using phone, email. We provide for the organization of free and safe delivery of medications to clients. Place and time is negotiated with a company representative. Online pharmacies around the clock. Therefore, you can make your order at your convenience. If you have questions, they will be able to give an answer to the operators. Online consultation will help you choose the appropriate drugs. The site is an online pharmacy provides the opportunity to look for the best products. Useful information about medicines enable you to navigate when ordering. Before you order medication, you can see the available analogs, which may cost much less. Drugs have a low cost. For example, on many sites you can find the tablet at a discounted price. Constant promotions and special offers cost effective, especially when buying in bulk. When wholesale offers various lucrative price offers.

Online pharmacies have enough goods to disseminate it on the market. Therefore, it is possible to buy drugs at a reasonable price, without leaving home.

Our drug delivery operates around the clock, all the goods are delivered directly from the warehouse pharmacy. Necessary conditions of storage of drugs are strictly enforced. All products are certified.